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French Autodidact Portraitist & Sculptor

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François Aviles

French sculptor, born in Paris, inspired from experiences in metallurgy to create his unique work. His portraits represent a silent expression of his passion, the steel, a material that fascinates François and made him a self-taught Artist. For him, it represents strength and softness, hardness and tenderness, coldness and the warmth ... all characteristics that feed creativity.



Steel can be worked hot or cold. The cold working limit the creative possibilities and yet the sculptures of this artist are the exception that proves the rule. With a hacksaw, chisels, shears, hammers, drills, files, a vice and his hands, François made portraits as he wishes without being able to produce two identical.

Special thanks

Special thanks

To his family who supported him, all those who believed in his talent and creativity, and those who allowed him to openly disclose his works and his fame spread.

« A face, a shadow, a memory ... makes us happy. » François Aviles

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